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Le Resch x YokoO – Blinded (Video)

Painting (to) Music. That is what I say I do. To give you a better understanding of what that looks like Phone Number Trace , see for yourself:   This videoproject was made by Stefan Franke, which I got to know about 2 Months ago while visiting my friend Akira in Mainz. I told him […]

Videoproject – some making of´s by Stefan Franke.

Stefan und ich haben uns letzte Woche zum gemeinsamen Videodreh verabredet. Dabei hat er mit seiner neuen Kamera ein paar Making of und Dokumentations-Fotos geschossen und teilt die Gedanken hier: Fuji X Pro2 – die neue Art zu fotografieren Like his Page https://www.facebook.com/stefanfranke.hochzeitsfotografie/.   Michigan region phone

Art as an Generational Thing

This headline should not imply that prior generations were less drawn to art than the Millenials. We have the luck to have a great repertoire of art to look back at, analyze and learn from. Still I think our relationship to art is a different one than it was for prior generations. Let me take […]

Sound of Salvation

As a tip from the manager of my favourite bar, which stands out by neat drinks, more than decent sound and a nice ambiente, I got to know this beauty by KempStarr, a Berlin-based DJ. Listen. Phone Number Trace

The Dilemma of Form Follows Function

A very interesting article by Tobias van Schneider of Stefan Sagmeisters Idea that the concept form following function is one of the biggest fail developments of modern time. http://www.vanschneider.com/beauty-vs-function/ Especially the case study of the connection between happiness (measured in the sentiment of tweets by an algorithm) and the beauty of the environment (on the […]