Painting (to) Music. That is what I say I do.
To give you a better understanding of what that looks like, see for yourself:


This videoproject was made by Stefan Franke, which I got to know about 2 Months ago while visiting my friend Akira in Mainz.
I told him that I was painting and planning to produce a video and he said he was in.
We didnt hestitate to long and took a step on producing this and I am very happy with the outcome. Great Thanks to you, Stefan, for your effort and time!

(Electronic) Music has always been inspiring for me and my art. One of the artists I listened to from the start was Berlin based DJ “YokoO”. We had a quick chat here and there and I really liked that he was one of the musicians that acutally reply. I really appreciate that he supports my art with his music in general and within this video. Check out his songs on Spotify, its really atmospheric, deep sound. I think I really have to go to Burning Man Festival soon, because I really want to dance to this in the desert.
Nefelibata” is also made on his sound.

Last but not least thank you Boschetto Transporte GmbH for providing the space to make this video. It is harder than you might think to get permission to use an old, abandoned place for producing a video – german bureaucracy I guess.

I hope you enjoy the video. Let me know what you think.

Le Resch.