• This is me

    Le Resch


26 years old.

Abstract artist.

Freelancing (UX-) Designer

Wedding Photographer

Based in Munich

My Art

Transferring an impulse to canvas is my expressionism.

Music is setting the vibe and sending the impulse.

Esthetic and the will to create is the motive.


Are there wrongs or rights in art? Or is art just what it is. Is an artwork ever perfect? Or imperfect?

My art lives out of passion & vision. I do not plan every single swipe, I follow the vast but blurry concept in my mind – knowing that the inner drive will choose the right path.


years old







the way I work

Music is always my inspiration to paint.
Now I don´t want to call myself an synesthete but if the song is right, I directly see a more or less concrete picture belonging to the song before my eyes.
Sometimes it “only” determines colour schemes, sometimes I see the exact picture in my mind.

Music has always been very influentual to me, although I never got to make music by myself. That might change soon.
It is stunning for myself to see how influentual music can be on my moods, on my balance and on my peace of mind.

With my art I am trying to express my admiration, reflect the impressions and create something new by transforming audio into visual at the same time.